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The Indo-Pacific region is a vast area that encompasses the Indian Ocean and the western Pacific Ocean. Indo-Pacific becomes a critical geopolitical hotspot due to its growing economic importance and shifting power dynamics. It represents one of the world's fastest-growing economies and plays a crucial role in global trade and investment. At the same time, the region faces various security challenges including territorial disputes and maritime security concerns, and is particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. Given the diversity of political systems in the Indo-Pacific region, examining the promotion and protection of human rights and democratic values becomes significant.

The EUVIP project will analyze the evolving relationships among major powers and their impact on regional stability, 

explore the economic interdependencies between Europe and the Indo-Pacific, and propose strategies for cooperation and conflict resolution. The research will also focus on democracy and human rights issues in post-coup Myanmar. 

Project duration: 1 January 2023 - 31 December 2025

Funded under: Horizon Europe - Widening participation and spreading excellence

HORIZON-WIDERA-2021-ACCESS-03-01 – Twinning 

Grant agreement ID:101079069



To transfer the partners’ knowledge to UP: Strengthening of Indo-Pacific and EU competencies and research skills of senior researchers, ECRs, and PhD students.

To exploit the academic potential of Indo-Pacific Studies, increase the academic impact of the UP research team in this new field, develop the consortium to a European network and knowledge hub of Indo-Pacific experts, and establish a Myanmar Centre at UP.

To strengthen UP research management capacities for pre-award agenda, science communication and implementation of open science policy, and other horizontal principles within new EU framework programme.

To disseminate, communicate and exploit the innovative research results in EUVIP member states and at EU level.

Work packages 

WP1 secures smooth and efficient running of the project, and deals with financial and technical reporting and data management. Networking activities involve project partners and stakeholders.


WP2 organizes training, summer school, workshops and exchange activities for students, researchers, and research managers. EUVIP Young Researcher Group is established to support early career researchers in the field of Indo-Pacific studies and to offer supervision and access to materials to PhD students. 


WP3 increases the scientific impact of UP researchers through jointly conducting preparatory research on Indo-Pacific-related topics. The main outcomes will be the publication of research articles and the preparation of joint project proposals.


WP4 aims at reaching different target groups (broad public, researchers, policy makers, students, NGOs and other) via various communication channels to raise awareness of the project and to share project results. Myanmar Centre will be established at Palacky University to bring together researchers and a broad public interested in Myanmar-related topics. 

EUVIP milestones

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